America At Peace is the leading national organization helping to support victims, witnesses and third parties of all forms of Hate Crime and domestic terrorism. This can be based on an individual’s identity such as race, sex, religion, career or political views.

America At Peace also offer community programs and services including training, education and consultancy. America At Peace core activities is spreading awareness-raising, campaigning and delivering projects on a variety of issues relevant to Hate Crime and equality for all American citizens.

                   “Together we all can achieve the American Dream”

America At Peace a 501(c)3 organization started in 2015 to service victims of hate crimes and terrorism in the United States of America. The charity nonprofit was established in direct response to the amount of victims seen over the past few years with no one to turn too when an attach happens, because the community are victims. 

America At Peace strategic plan is to partnership and develop prevention programs tackling Hate Crimes, and domestic terrorism, encourage individuals and community activism. America At Peace provides preventive workshop programs help encourage people in the community to support one another giving each individual a voice tacking situations that may lead to or resulting in an incident.
America At Peace supports Stop Hate of all kinds including basic on race, religion or sexuality.

Over the years we have delivered and supported projects on areas such as community cohesion, youth engagement, stop and search consultancy, scrutiny panels, reporting centers, advocacy, casework, and research.

We have an experienced and highly skilled team of staff and volunteers. We are governed by a committed Board of Trustees, who are supported by our members. For information on our membership scheme, please get in touch on [email protected]